What evidence should I provide to support my Rating Appeal?

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As part of the Promoted Plan, you have access to the Rating Concierge tool that allows you to submit Rating Appeals for review and potential removal, which helps you to be more proactive in managing your online reputation.


When submitting evidence, keep in mind the protected health information (PHI) and do not share these details. Additional examples of PHI can be found here.


Blocking the patients' private information will not hinder the effectiveness of your evidence.

What to submit


When a rating contains inaccurate statements that can be verified, you can provide a piece of supporting documentation to strengthen your Rating Appeal. There are numerous examples of statements in patient reviews that can be disputed with evidence. We have outlined some of the most common ones that have been successfully appealed with supporting evidence in the past.


Procedure / Treatment

Many ratings talk about the types of procedures or treatments received by patients, for example, a particular surgical procedure or a specific injection.


Did the rating mention a procedure or treatment that you do not perform? Submit a supporting document verifying this alongside your Rating Appeal.



It is currently optional for patients to indicate their procedure/treatment costs but many patients include this detail as a part of their ratings.


Was the pricing mentioned in a rating well outside your pricing range? A piece of evidence verifying your pricing for different procedures and/or treatments may be helpful.


Appointment Date

It is currently optional for patients to indicate the date of their appointment (or a date range of their appointment), however, many patients include this detail as a part of their rating for a healthcare provider.


Did a rating indicate an appointment date while you were not in the office? In this case, a screenshot of your booking schedule may be very beneficial for our Rating Validation Team when processing your Rating Appeal. A good piece of evidence should include your name, the date(s), and if you had any scheduled appointments


Appointment Type

Patients are required to indicate what type of appointment they had with a healthcare provider. The screenshot below shows the current appointment types that patients can choose from.

If you do not offer the type of appointment indicated in a rating, it may be a good opportunity to provide our Rating Validation Team with some evidence verifying this inaccurate information. 

What not to submit


Patient confidentiality is important, please do not share any protected health information (PHI) with us. Some examples of this include but are not limited to:

  • Patient name

  • Patient gender

  • Patient contact information

  • Patient's medical records


If the evidence you need to submit has any protected health information, please de-identify the patient prior to submitting the document to protect patient confidentiality.

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